Friday, February 08, 2013

Comic: Jinchalo by Matthew Forsythe


Matt Forsythe 

From the author of Ojingog, another of enchantment and adventure.

Jinchalo is Korean for "Really?" and that question (formulated variously as "What is and what isn't?" "What is real?" and "What is imagined?") is at the heart of this book. A companion to Matthew Forsythe's vastly successful OjingogoJinchalo stars the same  little girl as its heroine. When Jinchalo lands them in some hot water, the pair is forced to flee the safety of their home. In the course of their flight, they visit a robot garden, follow a vine into the clouds, and leave their village far, far behind.

These comics are firmly rooted in Korean folktales and stylistic conventions, with a playful, joyously drawn line. Jinchalowelcomes readers back into Forsythe's Miyazaki-tinged dreamscape, where spotted octopi fly and bears give piggyback rides, where hummingbirds are larger than people, and a sad furry monster wearing a bowler hat lurks around every corner. Forsythe uses page space innovatively in this wordless panel-less book. Both simple 
and intricately detailed, his storytelling is compelling for all ages.

Drawn & Quarterly
12o pages

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